Monday, September 21, 2015

What saint mastered the ukelele at age 3, and almost became the new Donny Osmond?

Sooo ...

many moons ago, there was an underground, never fully officially launched  web series created by the late genius  Keltic Ken Adams for KRDU:

'"Before They Were Saints."

Most of the episodes feature one of the least of all saints--me--telling the conversion story of a well-known person in the style of Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" (not revealing who the story is about until late in the narration, to keep you guessing).

You can find a few episodes easily (like this one: "From Sex Addict to Saint"--video here), but one of the saintliest saints of KRDU,  St.Vincent J. Vera, found some vintage episodes from the vaults.
Some were not used because they were originally filmed in mirror image.

Like this one below.
(Yes, I part my hair on my left!)

Please note that the first thing you hear on the video is St Vincent himself winsomely singing the brilliant theme song of the series (not added until season 2.1)!

Spoiler alert: If you want to try the guessing game, play the video below (maybe in the mirror!)
before scrolling down to the intro the the video beneath it.

Enjoy, saints:

Spoiler below

Stop scrolling or be spoiled...and soiled..

Wow, here is some of the backstory on Keith Green, so you can see I wasn't just blowing smoke.
Talk about a vintage reel:

PS Keith helped lead me to Jesus.  The rest of that story here

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