Friday, September 29, 2006

radically honest survey

How old are you...really?Depends on how you measure the time/space elapsed from 8:08 pm Central Standard Time, St. Luke's Hospital in Denver, March 27, 1959 A.D.
How old do you feel?at least half the age above...except when I hang with Kevin Foster
Favorite fun word/buzz word/impress your friends word?eschatological scatology; Spiritaneous (coined word), persisteverance (coined), microcosm,heteroclite
Embarrassing moment?preaching with fly down...were you there? which time? boxers or briefs?
Something most people wouldn't know about youI once went shopping with Paul Newman
Is it always wrong to break the law?Jesus broke a few laws
Most inspiring cartoon character and why?Patrick on Sponge Bob...because he is a Christian
Dream duet (or two bands you'd love to see join up)?Gee, this just happened...U2 and Green now I'll wait for Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor, Bob Dylan and Keith Green to sing alongside the Violet Burning/77s/U2 while Neal Peart,Chester Thompson, and Keith Moon drum...gee, that might cause the rapture..
Second best thing that ever happend to you?met Sonya
a favorite quote?"When the forms of the old culture are dying, the new culture is designed by those unafraid to be insecure." (R Bahro) "Huh?" (you)
Favorite places?Basilea Tou Theou, Fresno, buggin my wife, Gethsemane; Huancayo, Peru; reading a book at a stoplight; bookstore, music store , ministering to someone and God actually uses me, delivery room, Tower Records w/my son, Uncle Harry's w/my daughter,
Fill in the blank: "In England, they drive on the ____ side of the road."Can't answer...this is a test...I will grade your answer, though (:
Stupidest debate Christians get in?Are the tongue-speaking Baptodisterians gonna go first in the pretrib rapture before or after Bill Clinton is exposed as the Antichrist in 1948?
Myers Briggs type?INFP...sometimes ENFJ.....i before e, except after c...break down and take the test here
Why do you exist?Well, here is my cheesy mission statement:"To encourage and empower saints and sinners to find, follow and fight for their divine destiny and dreams." Either that, or to watch Michael Pritzl lift his guitar in worship....or maybe to play PROBE with you next Tuesday. Call me.
What do you think about Jesus?He is "sneaky as a snake and docile as a dove" (Matthew 10:16), so I better be, too..
What advice would you give pastors...if you know they would listen?dang, i am a pastor...uh, lose the title, chainsaw the pulpit, spend less time with Christians, let God speak to you through "non-Christian" music...i guess most of my advice shows up at
Peter or Paul?i guess i am pretty pauline (do you know her?)
John, Paul, George or Ringo?John for honest expression, Paul for occasional creativity in the midst of silly love songs
Davey, Mike, Peter, or Mickey?Yes! Mike...he invented Edge's hat...and "Elephant Parts" and "Circle Sky"...and he is a genius;

Peter: for Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Poarky "alone";Mickey:humor and hair Davey: Uh, sorry..I am a guy. We can't like Davey
Mary Ann or Ginger?Just look at my wife and you'll know....the boyhood crush leaned towards Mary Ann
What's your working definition of prayer?God talking to us...; "spiritual defiance of what is in the name of what God will do" (Walter Wink), holy irreverance (Luke 11:8)
What would you do if you knew you would not fail?Fail
Most significant invention of last 2000 years?printing press
Your favorite invention of last 2000 years?Sonya
Habla espanol?trato...a mi me encanta leer o predicar en espanol. (Gracias a Senorita Maya y Leslie "Twinkle Toes" Mark)
Hardest or most confusing Scripture?always the one i am currently studying
Order at Starbucks?aDefault: grande latte or (seasonal):banana coconut frap...Desperate: triple venti latte (illegal in Montana)
People would say about me (strengths):nice
People would say about me (weaknesses):nice



  1. Wow, you impress me, I mean, I don't even know when I was born and that was only 18 years ago!

  2. mom remembers every detail..


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