Monday, January 25, 2010

Politician or goatherder?

I have always loved this cartoon
by David Chien..

"Goatherder" is one of the alternate titles for "pastor" that I put on my business cards..if of course means I am called to shepherd the sheep, as well as goatherd the goats (pre-Christians).

A couple of "loud farting" parables --Matthew 18 and Luke 15 ---come to mind, spliced with the one in Matt 24, of course

The caption captures well that we
are either in ministry for our own popularity (baby-kissing politician/seducer) or to love the kind of people Jesus hung out/hung with.
Goatherding is our true calling...

More alternative titles:

Two Meta-Furs for Old School Dave Wainscott, SSR, BL

"and some He gave to be party planners, some teachers, some evangelists.."

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  1. I always thought of the goats as those who should be sheep, but aren't. Goats are those people who used to come to your church, the ones your deacons and elders want you to invest time in trying to retrieve. They're not sheep who have become lost by accident - they deliberately walk away.
    Lambs, on the other hand, are new Christians - and they're far easer to catch than goats.
    One other thing - goats will swallow almost anything ...


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