Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a strange and intimate relationship: photons and phree will

"Like this song, your life is short, it's the longest thing you''ll ever do/
the worse the curse was that your dreams came true/
God is a mirror in which each man sees himself/
Hell is place where you don't need anyone's help."
-Bono's rap

As a Calviminian, I often joke :"I was predestined to have free will."

But maybe we have free will to choose predestination(:

Following up on the "Electrons Have Free Will" article,

it also seems photons appear to have free will..

at least until one individual dude freely "decides" for an option. Once that happens,
his partners(s) in community appear "predestined" to make the same choice.
Sorta like in entangled Christian community...or is that just the inevitable (uh, predestined) peer pressure?:

"two entangled...photons...have a strange and intimate relationship. While each has a certain probability of spinning one way or another, and while each, when measured, seems to 'choose,'...whatever 'choice' one makes, the other immediately makes, too, regardless of their spatial separation.
-Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos, p. 442 here


On quantum entanglement, see
"God Effect."

Question: Does Free Willy have free will?

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