Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hear=obey=shush now and make disciples=שמע

Scot McKnight, "The Blue Parakeet" on the shema/שמע :

Did you know the word "listen" or "hear" is found more than 1, 500 times in the Bible?..Choosing not to listen disobeys the Shema: "Hear, O Israel..Klyne [Snodgrass] reaches this thoughtful conclusion: "The greatest commandment is to love God; the prior commandment [to loving God] is the command to hear."
-p. 98
As Via points out in his review of the book: שמע

Small quip. I feel that McKnight misses the “obedience” definition of the word שמע (shema), which means “hear,” or “listen,” (98-99).

Same is true of the NT Greek term, akuou.."to listen," is inextricable from 'to obey."

The שמע, then is maybe best an emdedded precommand, presupposition, asumption (uh, oh, we all know what happens when someone assumes) which cannot be torn asunder from, touches and kichstarts every "commandment"..including the one we call the Great Commission.

"Hear me/Cease to speak...shush now!":

John Piper: "Fasting is not a commandment, but a prediction of what will seem normal for those who miss the Bridegroom" (from "A Hunger for God," free here)


Great Commission and New Creation Reloaded/Deconstucted

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