Thursday, January 14, 2010

She said, "church is's not linear.."

"The linear arrangement of pews in churches didn't exist before the printing press....
After the printing press, church seating started to mirror the pages of a book.

The impact of the printed medium is nearly endless. It not only led to the restructuring of physical space, it restructured our imagination and beliefs as well."

-Shane Hipps, Flickering Pixels, p. 48



  1. my community actually meets in a semi-circle, so we can all see one another. i like it.

  2. yeah, us, too. I can do no other.
    Your group is in church basement, right? Not usually pews down there.

    Thanks for being in touch

  3. yeah, we've almost always been basement dwellers. it's a great symbiotic relationship as the church we lease with is smaller and older and worshipping in a huge space. they and us are partnering for some really great things including some really interesting affordable housing options in the core of the city where we are.


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