Saturday, January 30, 2010

It was inevitable..a Facebook "fan page" for Bongolese


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It was inevitable..a Facebook "fan page" for Bongolese!

I wonder who was crazy enough to start it (:
How could you NOT be a fan?

Any serious U2 fan has heard what the band calls "Bongolese' or "Bono-ese": when Bono sings in tongues, scat, nonsense/hypersense, glossolalia..whatever you call it

"WTH did he just sing"?

See INFO tab for more

Post favorite examples, vids

Some examples if you're a newbie:
See also:
  • Tongues at One Tree Hill, 12/26/89: Normal Church (Beth comments on this video: "Probably the best performance of that song ever, and it closes with about 20 seconds of glossolalia (mixed with some English I think) in very impassioned, public, declaratory mode. (One half-expects Edge to offer the interpretation.)"

And very relevant comments #1-9 beneath this article:

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