Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pasaporte, Bob Esponja, y Vertigo

Long lost photo just discovered.(: >

When The Rev. Tomas Tarzan and I got off the plane the other day (uh, year),
and through customs, with our "Bob Esponja" gifts and other contraband, we kissed the ground and said (en espanol, of course).

"What a long, strange trip it's been."

Actually, much of the Peru trip was quite curvy, not long.
Hellishly helical. Virtually vertiginous.

But all of it was strange indeed.
Serendipitous...and stunning.

It was all good.

And we have the video and vertigo to prove it.

But for some reason, Tarzan has not been on a plane since,
and I don't settle in as easily as I did BTT (Before That Trip).
(UH...see "Not only was that turbulence not normal, it was 100 times worse than I knew was possible.."_)

Next year, baby.

Besides, Tarzan is a great shepherd, who has promised his sheep (You can actually meet them here below, 00:46-1:00)
that he would return:

We also promised Dallas we would do the hang-gliding over Lima's oceanfront; Dallas did it , so can we..

Here(scroll halfway down this page)'s where will be next trip; it will be a little lower than the angels (only 11,000 feet up in the Andes)...

join us...if you get the call.

Para espanol, oprima el dos.

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