Tuesday, January 26, 2010

reforming law and deregulating amateur creativity

The parallels between

  • Lessig's suggestions for "reforming law" regarding copyright
  • and what we as church are called to do

is amazing.

We are somewhat in the "reforming law" business in this current Reformation/Re-Formation.
And ask the rabbi about how crucial it is to discern the place of the law (he would say "Torah") as we re-form.

  • Lessig says copyright law should be "changed, not abolished." ("Remix," p, 253; a free download...which is precisely and prophetically the whole point)
  • Jesus of course, came to "fulfill, not abolish" the OT law.
  • Paul calls Jesus the "end of the law" ..but uses the world "telos," which can't mean "end," as far as "it's over in every regard," but as far fulfillment, purpose, and goal. In a "teleological, not temporal/terminal" sense..

Here are Lessig's proposed "five shifts in the law." Hopefully it won't take too much imagination to apply all this to church shift. If so, you are on the wrong blog(: But, for example, item #1 may cover my job description as pastor among a congregation of fellow 'amateurs.'

1.Deregulating amateur creativity
2.Clear title
4. Decriminalizing the Copy
5.Decriminalizing File Sharing.
-chapter 9

See "Code is Law"

See Lessig on Colbert related to the topic here:

Lessig on Colbert: Hybrid Economy

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