Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"An authentic Christian is a non-Christian in the Christian sense of the term."

Remember when System of a Down released an album called "Steal This Album"?

I don't recommend stealing the book "The Fidelity of Betrayal:Towards a Church Beyond Belief," by Peter Rollins (I highly recommend
buying it an any price, would almost require it for churchfolk)..

but in the spirit of faithful betrayal, one wonders if Rollins would suggest we betray it once we read it (ah, the" impotence of irony," again):
"Christianity...exhibits a somewhat disconcerting vertigo-inducing rupture at its very core, a divine rupture that gives it the form of a religion that asks us to betray our faith tradition precisely so as to affirm it in the deepest and most radical manner." (162)

"..Christianity, as a religion without religion, would seem to demand that we always be prepared to betray our religious systems precisely so that holy water will never be detached from drinking water and communion bread never divorced from daily bread." (182)

"...Hence the description of an authentic Christian as a non-Christian in the Christian sense of the term." (184)
Buy the book already...or at least steal this legal sample chapter PDF.

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