Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U2 new album problem finally resolved

Enough, already.

U2's ridiculous trilemma about what to release next is easy.

They have three partly-finished projects:

1)The long hinted-at "Songs of Ascent" CD:
They can still do the more meditative "piligrimmage" themed songs that Bono early on promised it would be..

2)They can still resurrect the Rick Rubin songs, and supplement them with the (predictably) rockier songs they have been writing/recording recently:

3)And since "Spiderman" musical is delayed, maybe forever, get permission to release those songs now.



Stop tweaking. Everything is ready to release.
Between the three projects, you have enough for one album.

Well, just add two more songs as bonus/hidden tracks:

- the shelved Johnny Cash tribute song featuring Michael W. Smith..which means you can release this new album to the Christian market and make more mammon (Just put "Michael W. Smith" in large type on front cover).

-the Hope for Haiti telethon song, "Stranded." (This includes vocals by JayZ and Rhiannon, so the disc will sell in different genres!)


that album to be called:

"Jay Z and U2's Stranded Songs of Spiderman , featuring Rick Rubin Ascending Michael W. Smith"


"Let Me in the Sound of 4 Men Chopping Down the Horizon, and caving in to the fear that a sequel of more meditative songs won't produce a hit single"

It will sell...and rock!

It also caters well to the way U2 fans abbreviate album titles; it would be:


(as a serendipitous bonus, that abbreviated title spells out in Greek and Hebrew,
"Bono is not 666"....and against all odds, in some manuscripts, it spells out "And he is not 616 either")

Paul Mc Guiness will approve!

You're welcome.


  1. PS: Somebody reminded me of the post a year later.

    No surprise the album is STILL not out yet.
    But surprise: my joke about the Michael W. Smith-related song ( North Star) ..Turns out now it is (in a different form) definitely gonna be on the album .

    I also didn't realize that the second track linked above is a version of the prayer written with Lanois, "Thank You for the of Lanois doing it here:

  2. almost four years later...arrggg


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