Monday, January 18, 2010

bounded set comunitas

Just an Apprentice writes:

....Most modern readers do not acknowledge the communal dimension of reading the text. Because Modernity has placed the individual at the center of the universe, and enlightenment assumptions about text have liberated each individual to be their own authority, the interpretations of individuals dictate the Communities they choose to be a part of. Individuals think they are submitted to a Community of knowledge (a tradition), but if we pay close attention, we see that it is in fact individuals picking and choosing which Community upholds their individual presuppositions. When the “wrong” kinds of language or interpretation of text enters that community, the individual will move on to some other community which preserves (for the moment) their sense of foundationalist truth.

Other communities are predominantly bounded-set social groups which condition behavior through a prescribed engagement with Text which allows for a limited range of questions that may emerge from Experience or Reading. The Communal knowledge is preserved by conformity to a Communal set of behaviors. These bounded-set communities usually are not diverse. Often, these communities represent a sociological set that one is born into and remains a part of for life (i.e. Amish…). There are also economic factors that are at play within these bounded-set expressions of Communitas...

-link,The Text that Deconstructs our Control (if we let it)

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