Monday, January 18, 2010

canned cheeseburgers, rumors of wars, and...

Of course the end times are often (always? inevitably?) misunderstood..

see, for example,

And especally:

Three signs of the (good) end times

But today I learned that a wonderful source has listed "Signs of the End".
You may think the Door is all satire, but #2 may be right out of the Bible? See this.

They include:

  • Victorious Life Church, conveniently located right off Interstate 35 in Robinson, Texas, guarantees to get you in and out of a church service in under 30 minutes, divided into 8 to 10 minutes of “praise and worship,” 12 to 15 minutes of “the word,” and 5 minutes of “response."
  • “I said to myself, ‘I love him, but I love me more.’”-Televangelist Juanita Bynum, explaining on Divorce Court why she had to leave her husband
  • A German company sells a canned cheeseburger.
Click to read the whole list...before it's too late

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