Friday, November 02, 2007

"Well; it had no beginning; and it had no end.."

He was from a very structured and traditional church background, so I had to wonder what he had thought of his likely view unstructured and nontraditional meeting.

This visitor to our church, a delightful gentleman; the father of one our regulars, sought me out as folks were chatting after the meeting.

He smiled.

And said,
"You know,I think I understand your service: and I actually kind of like it..."

"Tell me more."

"Well; it had no beginning; and it had no end.."

We laughed; I knew what he meant. To him, it felt like there was no "official" call to worship, or liturgically-correct opening prayer. The "ending" was; well, open-ended. Often we flow into interactive prayer, response, fellowship, hang out and listen to music, lunch...

And it seemed to somehow "work, " he admitted.

As Len once shared about meetings in his neck of the Kingdom, " We really let our own gatherings evolve from nothingness."

But the God who has "No beginning and no end" somehow uses "meetings"like that..maybe to let us in on the nonstop "there is no secular" flow of Kingdom.

Not in the "I thought Reverend Neverend would never stop boring" vein;
but in the stream of "It didn't necessarily feel overwhelmingly supernatural today; and I definitely didn't see the sign and wonder the EBay Atheist would require (someone's arm miraculously grow)....but it seemed to be a glimpse foretaste of eternity...

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