Sunday, February 26, 2012

Missional Sacraments, Part 18: Public Baptism and PDQcharist

Worship in public?

This videos (one on a public baptism, the other a public "flash mob"  Eucharist)  may not work for you the way Flyleaf does for many (it's cultural preference..see "Gaithers on Crack")..

..but they are also great challenges to

  •  worship in public;
  •  to see sacraments as intrinsically missional;
  •  to be found marking the marketplace;
  • to find holy ground and sacred space wherever we set our feet;
  •  to center our set with a little less boundary.
  • get out of the church box more often

Steve Taylor posts both these clips with comments about how he used them in a class.
See: "What is a sacrament?".

Maggi Dawn comments on the 2nd clip at "PDQcharist – praying the hours."

BTW, these formats and venues are to be preferred to  online communion/online baptism (Nice try at being missional, but no cigar. See Kurt Willems post for good thoughts on "online community")

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