Monday, June 04, 2012

"Undone" medley-midrash-mashup

I have long suggested  (See pp, 42-43 here)that I have one word/ one theme to my preaching:


 But maybe a Spiritaneous synonym for surrender is


Our only prayer,
              and our life call,
                                 is to become spiritually  formed via becoming increasingly
                                                                             by the Lord's Christ.

Three of my favorite songs...from different eras/genres/worlds.... are all connected by a title (or lyric) of "Undone."   So, how about a Guess Who/Psychedelic Furs/Violet Burning medley/mashup/midrash.  That's probably never been done before!   Here's the playlist/praylist, may it soundtrack your undoing. (Note: see some  "undone" B sides below my three-song medley):

In googling these videos above, I came across some new  (to me) "Undone"songs ; they might just make the cut...many are indeed by Godhaunted artists.  Check out these songs:
 Are there others you would add?

The "undone" word has become popular in worship songs,  and prayer,  in the last several years..but once again, The Violet Burning's  "Strength" album (on which "Undone" appeared; the undone song which undones me the most) was years ahead of its time ; as it came first-- "the first modern worship album",, Here are some alternative/vibey versions of that song:

I wanna know if it would be alright
 To be with you tonight
I am undone Wait, don't go
Don't let my heart turn to  stone..
Fear, it has no home
 When You are near 
Cause I need You now More than then
 I need You to let your rain Down on me
 Let it fall All around me 

 Wait, don't hide 
Please shelter me in your side 
From there my strength is derived 
I am done 

So, is that the way the story goes?
 In your arms, I know..
It's alright 

 I can hear the sound of rain coming down...

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