Thursday, August 23, 2012

"I’m their pastor? I don’t even know who they are.”

 This story:

I was at a street corner, I’m getting into my car and a car honked. These college-aged girls were looking over and waving. I’m looking up and I’m like “I don’t know who they are.” Then the light turns green and they yell in unison “you’re our pastor!” as they’re driving away. I’m just like, “I’m their pastor? I don’t even know who they are.” A pastor who shepherds knows their sheep, knows if one is missing.hen I started looking into what is theologically a pastor. It's only written once in the New Testament, the book of Ephesians. It wasn't even a title or an office. It was a spiritual gift of shepherding. And I'm just like "you know, I don't want to mislead people in our church to have them feel like I'm their pastor simply because they come and listen to me teach on a Sunday." There's people in this church that are really pastoring, according to what the Bible says what pastoring is. It's got to be relational, if one sheep is missing, [see] how they're doing. So I just stopped using that term; I don't know if there's anyone on our staff that uses it anymore. It's not that we don't shepherd [or] pastor but we just stopped using the title as to try to really function what I believe is more biblically without that title and to allow people who have pastoring gifts to be exercising those and feel just as valid and important as the person who gets up." -context, Link:The difference between Pastor as a gifting and Pastor as a title/position

reminds me of my story:

Not long ago, a woman...obviously from a previous (and much larger) church I pastored... came up to me in a store, "Hey, Pastor Dave! Long time, no see! Your sermons absolutely changed my life!" I was thrilled and honored; but I didn't have the heart to tell her the whole truth: Not only did I have no idea of who she was; she had no inkling that I would not know. We both knew we had never had a face-to-face conversation; that was not the issue. But in a larger church (too large for the senior pastor to know everyone's name), there is the "Johnny Carson" syndrome at work. Carson was swamped by people whenever he went out in public who called him by first name; after all he was in their bedroom every night (via "The Tonight Show"). The false intimacy that dogs media stars can be even more damaging in the church context. I could tell the woman would be crushed if I admitted I had no idea who she was...most likely a quiet there-every-Sunday "22nd pew" saint; but I had no memory of ever seeing her. The default church culture automatically attributes omniscience to the senior pastor (He or she will not only know my name, but know when/where I am in the hospital, etc.) . Of course this is impossible with thousands, even hundreds of attenders; but as skewed and doomed as this expectation is, it is originally based on a basic biblical truth: shepherds are supposed to know their sheep; even call them by name. Jesus flatly calls any other kind a thief. - Full article here


  1. this is one of my major problems with you and your alleged lies..YOU can easily know 600 to 700 people in your church... and on a first name kind of way. Your problem, you didn't care to... you would rather read a book, mag, hell even the weekly rags over talking to a person.
    This type of promotional BS coming from you and your types brings true sickness to my stomach...
    Really, you expect someone to believe you???? true filth.
    I went to a high school reunion a few weeks ago.. haven't been to one in 35 years.... it was a big high school with 2 or 3 thousand kids... surprisingly I remembered tons of folks way past 100.

    and, you teach... you mean to tell me that over the year you don't know the first name and whats going on with your students?????
    you just lie because you think you get an effect from it...

    You can't even give a true and complete statement of financial records (required, by law) to those of us that ask for them.

    or, how about stealing prayers from people half-way across the state or nation or maybe even the World.. and use them to promote your agenda... not God's agenda.... yours..

    hopefully, I will soon have enough money to hire a lawyer and force you to disclose what normal people are willing to do in a 501(3)(c) gladly, may i say...

    I have gone into 6 501 (3)(c) non-profits and have asked to see the books...they GLADLY showed them to me.....NO Problem they say...

    What in the world are you trying to hide Mr dave wainscott.... what??
    see ya in court some day....

  2. Thanks, Steve. I love and miss you, too.. Hope you are well


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