Friday, November 01, 2013

Free excerpts:N.T. Wright's"Paul and the Faithfulness of God," including chapter 1 on Philemon

Excerpts of N.T. Wright's "Paul and the Faithfulness of God" linked below
Chapter 1: Return of the Runaway? 3
1. A World of Difference 3
(i) Pliny and Paul 3
(ii) The Runaway Slave? 7
(iii) The Request 10
(iv) The Central Argument 16
2. Philemon and the Study of Paul 22
(i) Introduction 22
(ii) Philemon among the Worldviews 24
(iii) From Worldview to Theology 36
(iv) Questions in Context: History, Exegesis,Application 48
(v) Sources 56
(vi) Worldview, Theology and History 63
3. Philemon as Allegory: Theology, History and Reconciliation

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