Monday, November 11, 2013

three more reasons to love N.T. Wright: his Cockburn and "skubala" references, and fearlessness about acknowledging he speaks in tongues

It should be no surprise that N.T. Wright has heard of Bruce Cockburn, let alone considers some of his songs "remarkable" (I'll bet his good friend Brian Walsh is responsible).  I hope you know that God  is "especially fond" of Bruce.  NT:

"..the remarkable songs of Franz Shubert, or indeed of Bob Dylan
 or Bruce Cockburn.." -p. 25, The Case for the Psalms

And it IS no surprise that he would be familiar with the "S-word of biblical Greek"--skubala (see this and this)
but that he would include it in an off-handed,   almost
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"some of you trainspotters will get the reference" winking kind of his masterwork on Paul... just tops it off:

 ...Or (yet another voice from a different wing of the same house) how can we
continue to celebrate the deeply Jewish theological message of Paul if we have
to study the Stoics, the emperor-cult,all that pagan Religionsgeschichte which
we threw out as so much skybala?... p. 69, Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Bonus:  How about passing, as if it is no big deal, that has been known to speak in tongues,
somewhere in the middle of this presentation (sorry, can't find it now; I think it's Part Two, I will add precise time stamp when I do...Hey, can't go wrong watching the whole thing).  Whatever your take on the charismatic gifts, you should honor Wright's unassuming fearlessness and honesty.  If you want his  definition of tongues, see this; his overall take on tongues, see this.

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