Tuesday, December 31, 2013

crossover crossdressers: Needtobreathe

For some reason...I don't know, maybe complaining Christians...Conan's website had dropped the video of Needtbreathe performing in drag...uh, pulling a Dalton Brothers.  It was a Halloween broadcast, and they were actually dressed as  Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner and Minnie Pearl to play “Girl Named Tennessee ." Funny that a lot of people don't know this is a "Christian band" (or something like that).. ..Here is  a YouTubed version, and some backstory:

Harvest Crusade’s Invite to ‘Crossover’ Band Who Dressed Like Women Questioned


  1. Yes, of course, they are a Christian band... because if the commandments mean nothing, why not? Let's have sex with animals and do a burnng of our children to Molech, since if you're just having fun you're not REALLY doing it...

  2. Adam..the question is more along the lines of "Christianity is a noun, never an adjective"
    and "There is no such thing as Christian music"
    They are all Christians, but not a Christian band.

    See these links if interested:



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