Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On Santa and Jesus being white

Original broadcast:
Megyn Kelly's rebuttal:



  1. your an idiot for posting this completely out of context. but, why should you care?

  2. i love you, too, Steve..and i do care.

  3. it actually has more context than any other post I've seen anywhere: original broadcast, her response, several responses..I do care!

  4. a.) that's not me up there, although I do agree your an idiot.
    I am more curious that you do not comment on the vile comments of the LGBT and GLAD fruitloops that demonize the Christians for their belief system. I would think that you would be very afraid of their legal response to you. However, it in the long run means nothing to me what you do.
    For all you emails sent asking for comments on this very page and you posting hyper-links on all social media almost pleading for responses; your influence is small with very few real people running a discourse with you!
    by the by... i always sign in with my google account...I think many years ago I might have used anonymous.... think that is manily what you do

  5. i Steve: I have missed you.
    I assumed it was you as both comments (including the one you left) had the same grammatical error: "your" for "you're."

    I honestly have no idea what you are talking about with what i assume was to be your "b" comment about LGBT and legal ramifications. Completely incoherent. I hope it doesn't mean you are on pain meds. I hope not. You are too valuable to the Kingdom.

    I don't recall ever sending an email asking for comments. Please send me one.
    I will repent if you find one.

    Thanks for praying for me.

    Love you!


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