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"Booty. God. Booty." webisode #1: The Prayer Shot Block

Jonathan Acuff of "Stuff Christians Like" has started a new video series called"Booty. God. Booty."  Episode one, below, features the "Prayer Shot Block."   Uh, but first  (since I saw that look!) for his explanation of the "Booty, God, Booty" phrase: struck me that I too had done a pretty poor job of explaining where and what the phrase “booty, God, booty” meant. That post came out on April 3rd, 2008 and has been long forgotten under the onslaught of other posts. And lately folks who didn’t see the original post have been asking me, “What the heck is the booty thing?” Worse than that, I recently saw a post on someone’s blog that featured the booty logo and just slammed the whole thing as being directly related to the fall of Western society. (I am summarizing, but that was the gist.)

So here now, to clear up the questions and the confusion, is a remix of the original post that started the whole idea …

Booty, God, Booty.

The archives don’t go back far enough, but I think that this is exactly the kind of idea that Billy Graham launched his ministry with when he was coming up. It makes sense too because Christians really like “Booty, God, Booty.”
I realized this while listening to my favorite radio station in Atlanta, V103, “The People’s Station.” It’s a hip hop station that plays mostly rap and R&B. The best thing about V103 is their morning show. Every day at 6:30AM when I’m driving to work, they have a segment called the “Inspirational Vitamin.” They read a Bible verse and play a gospel song or a clip by a minister from Atlanta. I honestly find it to be an uplifting experience overall. The thing I find most interesting, however, is how they wedge the Inspirational Vitamin into their normal programming. What often happens is that at 6:25AM, right before they transition to the spiritual segment of the show, they play some sort of booty song. Let’s say, “I’m N Luv Wit’ a Stripper.” Then they do the Bible verse at 6:30AM. And then they go right back to something like Lil’ Wayne “Lollipop” at 6:35AM. They essentially bookend the Inspirational Vitamin with booty, following a fairly simple formula: Booty, God, Booty.
It’s easy to laugh at how insincere that Inspirational Vitamin seems when it’s sandwiched between hardcore rap songs, but maybe God is listening to the broadcast of my week, and this is what he hears:
1. Saturday night, I’m out on the town. Doing my own thing. This is my time. God’s at home babysitting my stuff.
2. Sunday morning, back with God. We’re tight. We’re praying. We’re BFF. I might even be safely enrobed in the middle of a hedge of protection.
3. Monday, back at work in my office. God’s in the car in the parking lot, where I left my Bible.
It might not be as graphic or as neon, but the juxtaposition between who I am when I’m in “God mode” and who I am when I’m not is pretty substantial. Next time you transition between two parts of your day, ask yourself, “Did I just Booty, God, Booty?

             link: Booty, God, Booty – Remix

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