Thursday, December 15, 2011

The One-Buttock Gospel According to Chopin

MATT CLEAVER adds this:
        Some intersections with the gospel & theology
  • Discipleship is more like teaching the piano than passing on information en masse. Think about how kids learn to play the piano: a parent or a teacher sits down on the bench next to them one-on-one. They aren’t invited into a class when they hit a certain age and are expected to learn to play the piano.
  • We can “live into” realities that are not present.
  • Vision must be big & not incremental. Moving from 3% to 4% is not visionary. We should strive for 100%.
  • Stop emphasizing every note, but think about the long line from b to e
  • When other people’s eyes are not shining, who am I being to cause that? Not, what is wrong with them?
  • Our job is to awaken the possibilities in others
  • The conductor never speaks but engages all
  • We must believe in the outcome
  • One-buttock playing = passionate, consuming, internalized
  • His face showed he cared and was passionate
            -Matt Cleaver 

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