Friday, January 03, 2014

pope: lost in translation/misundertaking/overvaticanizing

As the old canard goes:

Translation is betrayal.

And since all communication is already translation/interpretation..
          translating from another language...
                                let alone another culture/worldview...

                                                       is impossible,

 but necessary.

Take the pope.

I may be misundertaking him;
 but I think  it  more likely that he is hugely


                                       ("Don't misunderstand me: i WANT to be misunderstood.")
                            and maybe misundertranslated.

If this is a new thought, read and reflect on the links below before interpreting the pope:

One can sure see why people fall for fake stories on the pope; see this and this  
for starters.

On to two new case studies in popetranslation:

1)Following the official Vatican translation is fascinating; especially when the pope does something Bono-esque and centered set-ish.  (Can you imagine the behind-the-scenes comments the translation team must make ..let alone the fits the poor  pope's bodyguards must have when he pulls stuff like....this, this and this?):

speaking to the adoring and the merely curious on Christmas Day, the 77-year-old Jesuit -- the first pope from his order and the first from the New World -- ad-libbed an invitation to “even nonbelievers” to join in the
prayer for peace.

The comment rocketed around the world on the wires, websites and Twitter feeds. The Vatican’s English translation, available later, paved over the line with theologically safer language, quoting the pontiff as having reached out to “the followers of different religious confessions.”  link

2)AND..what does the word "monster" denote and connote in Italian?

Pope Francis Warns Poorly Trained Priests Can Become 'Little Monsters'

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  1. The first thing to remember about this chap, whatever his personal qualities may be, is that he is being promoted by the world's largest "privately" own 24/7 propaganda machine, the tenatcles of which reach into almost every village on the planet.
    He is also the head of what is primarily a power-and-control-seeking business corporation that has always sought to control the minds and bodies of ALL human beings, and which is thus always, in one way or another seeking to expand its share in the market place of whats-in-it-for-me religious consumerism. A business corporation that is by some estimates collectively the world's largest property owner.
    So, are the "catholic" powers that be really going to do anything to rock the boat?
    Look at the criticism he is already receiving from the usual psychotic right-wing propaganda hacks.

    The church did NOT come to be thus because its members (especially its leaders) practiced the Good Principles of Right Living as taught by Jesus in The Sermon on the Mount, or listed in the Ten Commandments.
    Why not for instance check out The Criminal History of the Papacy by Tony Bushby and find out how rotten to the core the papal (pay-your-pals) circus has ALWAYS been. And yet the staight-faced lie is that the pope is the "vicar of 'Christ'" and is elected/apointed by "holy apostolic succession" - some/many of the popes were raving-lonney psychotics and/or not even fit for human company.


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