Tuesday, January 21, 2014

naked prayer :"it's gonna work this time.."

Any serious fan know there are nights when a  U2 concert is                off the charts..
                                     ...and there are some nights when it just isn't    going off.
                                      (Though on one of the off nights, the concert is still better than anyone else's).

I have been to gigs in the

 former  (within ten seconds, I knew my life would never be the same, and that I would still be living off that concert three decades later)


 latter  (within ten seconds, I knew Sacramento 2001 was going to be one of those nights) categories...and one in between.

Often, Bono talks about "The Spirit is in the house,"  or  "God walking through the room.."
 when it (It) hits.
Call it anointing if you will.........Bono knows the term
(see "Bono explaining rhema and anointing to Rolling Stone").

One classic concert fans talk about is Edmonton 1997.

It;s not unusual as the song "One" winds toward the close, Bono makes an executive decision about whether or not to do an extended ending (what's been well called the "naked prayer" section), and gestures to the band the decision.

Sometimes it means, "Let's give it a shot. I'm not sure God is gonna walk through, but let's see."
Sometimes it means, "God's about to move.  Let's move with the movement."

You can catch from the gesture here that it's the second case in Edmonton.

You can catch the go-ahead nods at 15:49 (Though surprisingly subdued).

           Then at  16:23ff  the passionate"Hear me coming, Lord..."  section

                                 ...and the speechless "Wow" at 17:21: 

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