Thursday, June 05, 2014

Guest post by Mark DeRaud: The Atonement Part 1:" The View from Genesis:Abraham's Child"

I  (left) am honored to host a new series by guest poster Mark DeRaud  (right)
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First installment below

The Atonement
The View from Genesis
Abraham's Child
by Mark DeRaud
As a Christian, you are an adopted child, grafted into the family of faith in Abraham.
artwork by Mark DeRaud
You have, among other benefits, inherited a history of God's focused Love, stretching back to creation and Adam's first breath.
As such, you can rightly claim God's every action as focused on you.
Every promise made, every covenant entered, every demonstration of His faithfulness was and is for your benefit.
Indeed, His universe is focused on you.
So you can look back at the Atonement from the perspective of a medieval, European academic, influenced by Greek philosophy, and see in Christ's suffering God's dispassionate and severe disapproval of you....
You can view the Atonement from the vantage of Adam's first breath, given by God.
The view from here, His creation, is liberating.
-by Mark DeRaud
The Atonement
The Breath of Life: God Redeems His Own Possession

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