Friday, December 12, 2014

Via media dolorosa 2:6

Via media dolorosa 2:6   
 ( i'm so vain;  i probably thing this song is about politics)

it was the third party i went to that eve
elixed by the tenor of hype
Republicant or Demofat
triangulated me into all  i grieve

it was the third party i voted for that year
transfixed by the pleasure of pain
One way or  another
dogged me from booth and from fear

the oldest profession
partisan obsexxion
tabloid tableau
into art nouveau
Via media dolorosa

it was the third Man i sang to that noon
fixed on the Church of great price
side-walked or market-placed
prodigal  and party; soon very soon

 it was the third way that  New Pneuma shone
tertium in Ephesus that shines
Kindomnow or is it then
That togethered me from voting alone

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