Sunday, January 03, 2016

U2 devotional #11: Paul Leader on surfing "Every Breaking Wave"

Paul Leader's blog always makes my day.  Here's an excerpt from his post on U2's "Every Breaking Wave."  This song is multiplex for me; heck even Bono has said he's not figured out how the story resolves.  Maybe some of the meaning "changes in the moment you're in" as Bono once said of rhema.  I have often connected it to Ephesians 4:14.

Paul has a great app on this song.

Every Breaking Wave.  
by Paul Leader
“Are we ready to be swept off our feet
And stop chasing every breaking wave?”
One of the songs that has grabbed my attention on the new album is ‘Every Breaking Wave’. Many sermons/talks/blogs could be shared from this one song. The thought of stopping the chase after those breaking waves has stirred my heart in a strange way. You see through-out my Christian life I have been seeking out and chasing after the waves of revival and renewal. I have driven all over Britain to surf the waves of Toronto and Pensacola. Run after prophetic movements and went wherever I could sense a well of refreshing. I have created waves and read all the latest books on what the next move is going to look like, so I could have my surf board ready and primed to find the next contemporary breaking wave. But what was that all about in a life of constants? Was it pure escapism from the reality of life and the ordinary? Was it only the thought of a better, more exciting life that kept us going until the next weekend? While we sought out a more supernatural day, God showed us a more natural way, the way of living on earth in flesh. I ran the country hunting out other storm chasers, while I neglected the family and community God had placed me within. The waves became the focus rather than the people. Who cared if they were drowning as long as I was riding the biggest waves around. Thankfully I am no longer impressed by the fizz of waves. I realised that no matter how many waves there were, there would always be another one, and each one would always end up at the same place. I have stopped chasing after every breaking wave...    Link, full post

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