Thursday, June 02, 2016

Do dogs go to heaven? (Rob Bell says no). Cats? (Bell says no). Ferrets? (Bell:yes). Penguins? (TBD as soon as you take David Crowder's survey)

I'm find a hidden gem from Rob that, though published, has never been quoted on the interwebs or Googled.  Let me change the course of history as soon as I hit "publish" on this post.

The first time I found a Bellism that had been missed, it  had to do with his "watermelon in the garden" thesis.

This time it has to do with a  question I once tackled years ago, in a former life, when I had a "Dear Abby"/Ask Dave column online.  It's THE question; one that has dogged many: do dogs go to heaven?

Here you go, hidden in  back of the teen edition of "Love Wins":

Of course, we know his theology on cats (they apparently don't make it, as God didn't even make them) from this clip. (:
Gee, for someone being accused of being a universalist (which he denies, watch this), it's nice to know he can exclude.  (:
-Cat and DogTheology
-Another overlooked  and unGoogled classic:the credits/copyright  page of David Crowder's book.  I wonder how many think they've read ever word of the book, and never caught this life-changer.
And it has to do with a bias  towards penguins.

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