Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Eugene Peterson: "megachurches are not churches"

Eugene Peterson:

"I think the thing that’s most disturbing is the megachurch.
                                   because megachurches are not churches. 
My feeling is that when you’re a pastor, 
                         you know the people’s names.
 When 5,000 people come into the church,
                         you don’t know anybody’s name.

 I don’t think you can be a pastor 
                       with just a bunch of anonymous people out there. 
In the megachurch, well, there’s no relationship with anybody.
 I think the nature of the church is relational. 
If you don’t know these people that you’re praying with
                                                                      and talking with
                                                                      and listening to, 
                                                                                      what do you have?
 I feel pretty strongly about that."

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