Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Scot McKnight commentary on Philemon: cooler than the new phone book

This is such good news that I feel like doing this:

McKnight  inaugurated the release with a  helpful post:

Here's a random reason that rocks (Click to see the rest):

9: An example of how to read a book in the Bible.
Philemon can be used to help people learn how to read a whole Bible book. Move then to a letter of John or to Jude or then to a shorter book like Philippians or Galatians then finally to Romans and Corinthians. Perhaps then on to a Gospel.
Reading each line in light of the whole book is possible for Philemon and it’s a good starting point for inductive Bible study methods. Also for historical context (study Roman slavery) and also for Paul’s house church movement of how they learned to live as Christians in an old institution: the house, the home, the family.  link

Bonus: video of him at Asbury (amazing school, my MDiv)
"The Challenge to Philemon" - Dr. Scot McKnight from B.L. Fisher Library on Vimeo.

Also here's a video (audio, actually):

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