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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Elbow: Prophet with a Beer and Beard

I love learning about new music (new to me, anyway) from trusted friends.

Thanks to WPLR New Haven's Stoneman for playing a little funeral-playing combo called U2..
           Thanks to Diane  for introducing me to The Violet Burning..
                       Thanks to my brother for the intro to the77s..

I could go on..

..but today all I can say to Paul Leader is "Wow!"
I am late to the Elbow party, but I am here.

Thanks, St. Paul.  You are man of taste.


Start with Paul's article:

 Prophet With a Beer and a Beard

 Then maybe

Pop Matters: Elbow

 Elbow (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Here are some somewhat random YouTube results:


Friday, April 11, 2014

EICD (Elite Institution Cognitive Disorder): Malcolm Gladwell

Colbert the theologian/Colbert and Death of Protestant America

I totally agree with Tim: "Colberts definitely one of my favorite theologians. Seriously."

23 hrs via iOS 

What's wrong with this headline ?

  • Dave Wainscott

"Be all the boxes": no more "linear gospel" and "chemotherapy bulls__"

image link
The promo sticker alone sold me....(and the price was right (95 cents; God loves Rasputin):

  • "One of the year (2007)’s greatest indiepop triumphs” - Guardian Guide 
  • "a holler-along Britpunk gem-a tour-de-force..  Four stars****" -Rolling Stone 
  •  “Be prepared to believe the hype…self-aware, smart and stupendously hooky, The Cribs are a real life next band worth checking for” - Blender 
  •  “Come Autumn, they will be your favourite band” - NME 
The CD? "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever"
The band: three brothers (including a set of twins) called The Cribs.

Skip to 28:35:

But nothing prepared me for this song:

"Be Safe"
 (lyrics here)
with guest vocals by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth...

The CD?             "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever"
The band:                                                three brothers called The Cribs .

Thursday, April 10, 2014

megachurch pastor moral failure: a beef about three sacred church cows..and call to blow up them up

Yet another sad story about yet another megachurch pastor's moral failure.
I found one quote interesting, and telling, on several levels:

“You know he did a lot of good,” said Mitch Guetler, a church member. “He helped out a lot of people and I’m just really sad but like he always said up on stage—don’t follow him, follow Christ. So, you know, he’s a sinner like the rest of us and it’s just too bad.  (link)
My observations are not  a judgment on  the pastor or parishioner, but commentary (judgement) on church culture/language/assumed ecclesiology...sacred cows:

1)"up on the stage": Note the irony write large: It's from "up on the stage" that the pastor said "Don't follow me."  Medium=message; medium contradicts sermon.  To paraphrase the EBay Atheist,  "What in the world is a stage doing in a church?"  (See also Ed Stetzer's "It takes more than a stage to create a community:The Problem with Pastors as Rock Stars").

Blow up church stages; they are oxmoronic and moronic.


2)"Don’t follow me, follow Christ." It's amazing that people think this is in the Bible when Paul said basically the opposite.  (Don't get me started on folks who bet that "God will never give you more than you can handle" is in the Bible, yet the opposite infinitum, ad nauseum):

"Follow me, as I follow Christ" Paul, 1 Cor 11: 1.

Blow up those  "Don't follow me, I follow Christ" bumper stickers.

Create and sell a new bumper sticker that says,"Follow me because I follow Christ"...and give Brian Dodd all your profits . See Dodd's remarks on this in his important works "The Problem of Paul,"   "Empowered Church Leadership" (click here to read the relevant section)and  his dissertation, "Paul's Paradigmatic 'I': Personal Example as Literary Strategy"

 Paul admitted he was a "normal neurotic"  (Dodd, Problem p. 153), yet was worth following.

3) "he’s a sinner like the rest of us."  Technically, he IS  like the rest of us...but like the rest of us, he's not a sinner."  I said "the rest of us," not "the best of us."  One does not have to be dead, Catholic, or perfect to be a saint.  According to the Bible, one just has to be a Christian.  Even a sucky one like me counts.    Remember that Paul calls even those bad Christians in 1 and 2 Corinthians what they are: "saints."

Blow up those "Just a sinner" T shirts.  How about "just a saint" ?

You are a saint who sometimes sins, not a sinner who sometimes is a saint.

(I hate to argue with saints who think they are also sinners--like Luther and the Sarcastic Lutheran---but see  "kicking butts, hair in a bun, tattoos" and  "i find i relate more to the sinners than i do to the saints"and "Pope Francis, You Had Me at Hello, and Lost Me at Sinner")

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

husbands: head of the house? submit to their wives?

Good article on Ephesians 5 and "mutual submission" by  Sarah Summer here

 See also:

husbands, submit to your wives/pulling down the verb

"wives submit" context

Do Wives Need to Submit to Husbands?"



Happy Rhodes

Happy Rhodes:

Unknown to most, but a world-wide cult following.  Eleven albums; only played once west of Chicago. Lives on a farm in upstate NY.

Four-octave vocal range; often compared to Kate Bush/Annie Lennox;  influenced by Gabriel, Bach (and Switched-On Bach!)' does a medley of Yes covers; not to mention "Space Oddity" and Queen's "Lilly of the Valley."   "O Holy Night" (!)

Happy Rhodes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia