Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chef Rev. Capon: Prophetic Provocateur

I love introducing folks to prophetic provocateur Robert Farrar Capon's writings...Episcopal priest, right-brainer, chef and wine buff extraordinaire, holy humor in a reverently irreverent way.... now elderly (pray for his health concerns) ; still a great and creative mentor to emerging church...Why does it seem no bloggers but Len and I hang out with him?

Here's a few excerpts to get started. Cheers!..(and warning: you may never come back!):

Thumbsucking Sucks:The Marginal Model of Church

The Foolishness of Preaching

Interview: The Father Who Lost two Sons

Intelligent Designer

Good Preachers Need to be Naughty

The Devil's Organized Secret

Eating the Supper of The Lamb in a Cool Whip Society

Beer in Jesus's Catholic Net

Capon:Mushrooms ain't wine/Pathology/DeathByTraditions

God is Left-Handed

National Enquirer Seminary (Capon)

The real war is not Christian vs. NonChristian

a toast to God

"The new insight is always at odds with the old way of looking at things. Even if the teacher's audience were to try earnestly to take it in, the only intellectual devices they have to pick it up with are the categories of the old system with which it conflicts. Hence the teacher's problem: if he leaves in his teaching a single significant scrap of the old system, their minds, by their very effort to understand, will go to that scrap rather than to the point he is making and, having done that, will understand the new only insofar as it can be made to agree with the old -- which is not at all."

-Robert Farrar Capon, "Between Noon and Three," pp. 140-142.


  1. So glad you are blogging, if I may use the word as a verb. I'll be checking it out with regularity....


  2. Thanks, Jamie:
    Blogging is a verb, so is "faithing" (Walter Wangerin in "Orphean Passages", "churching", "Holy Spirit-ing", etc

    Most folk reading this don't go as far back as you do w/me (Jamie was on staff at a church I pastored in another life), so you of all readers will appreciate this
    thispost..you know my sordid secret(:

  3. hey! so i realize i am about 5 years to late - haha - but i would LOVE to get my hands on these links that you've posted...

    however, none of them seem to be working anymore. is there any way that you would be willing to re-post, or maybe to email them to me or something?

    i have just recently been introduced to Capon and i am LOVING his writing!! I am suffering from and insatiable appetite to read his stuff - haha.

  4. Randi: great to hear from you.. Sorry, our forum has been offline awhile. I will try to reconstruct and fix the links. Here's the first batch:

    Here is the Father/Son interview:

    Here is Thumbsucking:

    Left Handed:


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