Sunday, October 19, 2008

"I guess I need a new truck"

I am speechless.

That's probably good,

and maybe even a sign from God..

as it's Sunday morning, two hours from "church"...

and i'm the pastor.

Ever since i first heard them on WPLR New Haven in 1980; God has used U2 in some way nearly every day to realign me.

It looks like today he is using them to redefine me.

And as tough as it would be to make the cut; a fairly obscure cut that U2 was never even able to come to terms with live (see most of their attempts here) would have to make my "Limited to Ten Songs Desert Island U2 mix CD".

It's "Hawkmoon 269,".....and until now, I have not read or heard anyone describe how God has used that song..

All I can say is read John Tuohy's (John's U2 connection here) amazing article on this song here.

He not only weaves in Kierkegaard and Lewis, but more importantly his own vulnerability.

Even U2's live versions don't do as much justice to the song as John's essay does.

One of the reasons to love John:

When I met my wife in 2001, I was politely correcting her about her own CD
collection. I was telling her, "just because your dad bought you all of these U2
"live import" CD's from Germany, doesn't mean that they're "official releases."
And by the way, can I borrow them for about a week?"-
John Tuohy

I'll meet you back here...but not for long; I gotta get ready for church..

"like a preacher needs pain...i need Your love."

Heck, i need John to preach for me this morning!

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