Monday, February 21, 2011

early Mandela-themed versions of "Breathe": explicit agape

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Following the evolution/ deconstruction etc of U2 songs in the making is fascinating..

Consider "Breathe," which early on was a tribute to's a pic of an early lyric sheet of Bono's that he gave me, but told me not to post...

       uh, that is found in the deluxe book edition of "No Line on the Horizon" CD.  (:

And here below is  a newly revealed  canned line from  (written from Mandela's perspective) with the first  explicit "agape" references  (true, it's all agape in U2 lyrics, they've just never used that word)  in the U2 canon (the first part was on the version in the book pictured above, but the agape part is new):

"18th of July on the banks of a not well-known river, 
I started a journey to where I am now.
 Troublesome, troublemaker, guided by the drums of my Creator ...

 "..Agape love forged like steel in the fire.
 Agape love whispering to us to walk out into the street,
 sing your hearts out to the people you meet"
(link, complete): 

Related classic video :The amazing Andrews Bonsu prays in "the mighty name of Jesus Christ."

 Later PS: found this audio:    1:02-1:20 (the other snippets are identical to album version)

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