Friday, February 11, 2011

no more warning stickers

An intriguing development:

"LifeWay Christian Stores, the Southern Baptist–owned U.S. retailer, plans to drop its controversial "Read with Discernment" program.
The program, which began in 2007, listed popular authors such as Rob Bell, Donald Miller, Brian McLaren, and William Young, who the chain said "may have espoused thoughts, ideas, or concepts that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology".......

'I understand why they did it," one pastor said. "They had to find a way to get some people off their back in order to be able to sell books.'....."
           -Link, full story


  1. But with Bell's new, and most controversial title coming out in a few weeks, this oughta be interesting. Will they carry it at all?

  2. LOL>can't WAIT to see how they deal with that!

  3. Here's some scoop on that new Bell book:
    "Rob Bell on/in hell; Crises and sex sell books/Jesus"


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