Wednesday, February 02, 2011

blessing: '“What the hell just happened?"

From the Sarcastic Lutheran:
A couple years ago I experienced this weird thing where old ladies kept blessing me in ways that felt super awkward. Walking off the stage after I spoke at an event at St. Mary’s cathedral in Memphis, a British woman in her 70s walks straight toward me and in front of God and everybody, embraces me. Not a friendly “thank-you” hug, but it was like embracing-with-the-intent-to-bless.

I had just read aloud an essay about my call to ministry; how it involved stand-up comedy and suicide and AA and pornography strangely and it was about seeing the gospel from the underside of our lives. And now before I know what was happening some proper old Brittish lady is blessing me. Red cardigan covered arms enfold me as this stranger whispers in my ear “God has given you something.” She kisses my cheek not breaking the embrace even a little: “Jesus walks with you.” Again she kisses me. Again she whispers a blessing but always she keeps embracing me. Me. A heavily tattooed Lutheran who swears like a truck driver. I don’t feel worthy of any of this But it feels like God’s own self blessing me with warm breath and a scratchy sweater.

When I sit back down I think, “What the hell just happened?” My friend Sara, having seen the interaction, slides into the pew next to me saying, “Girl, you gotta just submit and let people bless you.”...  :Link, continued

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