Monday, March 07, 2011

nudist haidresser guitar player sneakily videotapes an out-loud temple tantrum for all nations

At a home meeting, one of our our nudist hairdresser guitar players  (uh, we only have one "nudist hairdresser guitar player"..I should say "one of our guitar players")  filmed (without me noticing) a bit of an interactive teaching.  I am talking  here about the "'out loud' prayers of Jesus,"  or the recorded prayers of Jesus in Scripture.

Of course, the (misnamed) "Lord's Prayer" is the classic prayer of Jesus, and pattern for our prayers (I love the version in Luke 11 as it is immediately followed by the story of the dude who  shamelessly and irreverently knocks on his friend's [God's] door at midnight...that too is presented as "how to pray").  But the other recorded prayers of Jesus ...and Jesus' comments about prayer...are fascinating (What did he pray for?), as well as cues and clues to what our prayer life can look like at it's most Jesus-saturated.
Here we talk about a couple examples, mostly the "temple tantrum for all nations".
...As a bonus, you'll enjoy the quips about power point. (see Power Point is From Hell...or at least from Modernity)and church without electricity:
More on that topic: click the "temple tantrum" tag below..

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