Saturday, March 26, 2011

computer voices ask human questions in new liturgy: U2 in Chile

"The trouble with [commonly practiced organized] religion is not God.
It is that it offers truth without a way of questioning it. Worse, it punishes you for questioning.." -Adam Bly

The new  "questions" part of the  U2 360  liturgy   (see story and video here: "New U2 concert screen content"....  ); in between "Sarajevo" and "City of Blinding Lights, " questions appear on the screen and sound system to the audience/congregation's "holy hush" as the questions represent/re-present them to God and themselves: "Why is it so hard to believe?" "Will I ever be a good father?" "How do I know what's true?"  etc)  introduced some now voices last night in Chile..
ironically, it may help  to have computerized voices ask our most human questions. uh, .including that ancient but often unarticulated (at least "in church") prayer,  "WTF?"  (Yes, this is a U2 liturgy, so the female computer voice  actually says the words..)

 See 6:47ff in the first video, and the first section of the second video for the revised liturgy in Chile:


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