Friday, March 25, 2011

Bannerman in prison

I didn't realize the original "Bannerman"  (Rollen Stewart) was in prison.  Leave it to the Sarcastic Lutheran to break the news to me.  See her post:

Sermon on John 3:16: "Weirdos and Violence"

Here's the Wikipedia version of the story...if you don't like  getting your news from Sarcastic Lutherans (:

Speaking of sarcastic, the Steve Taylor song "Bannerman" was a tribute, and not sarcastic (which Taylor often was, of course) : "It reminded me, most of us that come to Christ often come because of very unartistic methods. I don't really have the nerve that these guys do. I don't think I'd have written 'Bannerman' five years ago"

I Here's my original post:

anointed and clueless bannermen like me: "Unknown Caller" in Milan

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