Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seed Salon/Science is Culture

Amazing book!  Seed Magazine hosted the "Seed Salon,"  consisting of video interview episodes in which two .thinkers from related but divergent disciplines dialogued on topics related to the  intersection of science and culture. Several videos are online (I have posted you can resist David Byrne+Daviel Levitin talking music, Jonathan Lethem + Janna Levin on truth and beauty...or Barbarasi+Fowler on social networks?), and the full interviews are published as "Science is Culture".

Video links:

Conversations with Thomas E. Lovejoy + Mitchell JoachimPaul Steinhardt + Peter Galison Albert-László Barabási + James Fowler Steven Strogatz + Carlo Ratti Jill Tarter + Will Wright Tom Wolfe + Michael Gazzaniga Marc Hauser + Errol Morris Paola Antonelli + Benoit Mandelbrot Will Self + Spencer Wells Natalie Jeremijenko + Lawrence Krauss Michael Shanks + Lynn Hershman Leeson Chuck Hoberman + Lisa Randall David Byrne + Daniel Levitin Jonathan Lethem + Janna Levin Robert Stickgold + Michel Gondry Noam Chomsky + Robert Trivers Andrea Barrett + Niles Eldredge Laurie David + Stephen Schneider

Book chapters:

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