Friday, March 25, 2011

role of pastor/power of church

Here's a link to a story about a respected local pastor  (Ryan Townsend, see photo for evidence) who I caught reading Rob Bell's new great risk (JK) to his job!

On a related but much more serious note..

Having been a United Methodist pastor (in another life/parallel universe), I am familiar with the` misunderstandings related to "who runs the church," "who hires/fires the pastor."  The UMC is not a congregational system, polity wise, it is episcopal: pastors are appointed (and unappointed) by the bishop/denomination/system.  At least that is the official story..

See Steve's post on

What power does the church 

have in the UMC?

..for an interesting story on a UM pastor who was fired...according to some stories, for liking Rob Bell's "Hell" book, but the story is not really about that.

Be praying for the church and pastor involved..  He is a friend of friends..

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