Saturday, February 25, 2012

"community is not the goal of life: 30 year old 8th graders looking for friends"

Hugh Halter:
...Most people know that I’ve spent my life’s work trying to help people form incarnational communities that witness of the Gospel in every nook and cranny of our cities, but I’m coming to find that when people focus too much on community and not the gospel, they become nothing more than 30 year old 8th graders looking for friends. They in turn forget that community is not the goal of life. Community, true biblical, missional, and gospel-centered friends are supposed to be the people we go on mission with, not the people that keep us from going on mission.

If pastors are supposed to be spiritual leaders, and leadership is taking people past where they are to the place God wants to take them, then it must begin with some jackwagon like me going, “Enough is enough!” So, that’s what I’m doing right now.

If you want to do coffee with me, I sure hope you’ve got a reason that is at least as important as the “least” of these around me.

Not trying to be mean, just trying to follow Jesus..
-Hugh Halter , "Helping you find community might be a waste of time!"

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