Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Three Legged Dog" concert video: Roe, Daughtery, Hindalong

Some of my video from  the Kersosene Halo (Mike Roe of the 77s+Derri Daughtery of the Choir; ,special guest Steve Hindalong..all three are Lost Dogs) and The Choir (Daughtery/Hindalong)
from last night's house concert here in Fresno.  This trio is teasingly called The Three-Legged Dog, as only one of The Lost Dogs was missing..
"The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes, and The Pride of Life" (lyrics):
"Ache Beautiful" (lyrics):

"Breathe Deep" (lyrics):


  1. These are amazing - thank you for sharing them.

    I think the 'three-legged dog' first appeared in Dogjam on Adam Again's 'Perfecta' - and then got it's own song on the Lost Dog's 'Real Men Cry' after Gene's passing.

    Maybe more a statement about all of our hobbling along than anything.

  2. Hey, thanks! and thanks for the scoop..glad you enjoyed!


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