Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bono on Ignatius and epistemology of seeing; "palpable presence of Holy Spirit"

I often wonder who and what Bono has read (some intriguing and obvious answers have been found out; but  I  still don't know for sure about Brueggemann or Moltmann. .NT Wright is probably a given; since much of his writing remind us of the lack of a line on the horizon)..

But now  (in a speech about which Cathleen Falsani said ,"Something big was happening in the room. You could feel it. A palpable presence. I'd call it the Holy Spirit") he quotes Ignatius:
St. Ignatius, he was a soldier. He was lying on a bed recovering from his wounds when he had what they call a conversion of the heart. He saw God's work and the call to do God's work. Not just in the church, in everything, everywhere. The arts, universities, the Orient, the New World. And once he knew about that, he couldn't unknow it.

It changed him,"It forced him out of bed and into the world. And that's what I'm hoping happens here in Georgetown with you. Because when you truly accept that those children in some far off place in the global village have the same value as you -- in God's eyes or even just in your eyes -- then your life is forever changed. You see something that you can't unsee."  link

I love several aspects of that quote...but note how we he channeled epistemology through seeing.
As we found it on the last album,  (and in Stephen Webb's classic),  a "sound" epistemology is perhaps most fundamental   But even though we DO walk by blind faith and not by sight (maybe the sight is via sound):

  Once he knew about that, he couldn't unknow it.

                You see something that you can't unsee.

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