Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What is Romans?

Ask ten evangelicals what the book of Romans about, and  maybe 11 out of 10 will answer  something like :

"Paul's systematic theology on  the doctrine of the individual believer's  justification by faith (as opposed to  the works-righteousness of the Jews)."

More than a few problems with that well-meaning statement

Ask anyone who has...uh,  actually read it well..especially a rabbi like The Adam....and you'll; hear that it's about the  unity of Jew and Gentile in Christ.

See also Tim Gombis' posts below (He  is author of an amazing book on Ephesians, BTW...Ephesians is also largely about Jew/Gentile unity, hmmm...picking up a pattern?? See my video teaching on Ephesians here)
making the case that the Romans is "thoroughly pastoral" (and apocalyptic):

What is Romans?

Paul: Rhetorician or Pastor?

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