Tuesday, February 18, 2014

dreaming>hovering>risking ...and learning from hellbound 'heretics' like Rob Bell on Genesis and Revelation

From  a post by Barrett Owen,



as the pattern  God used in                                  creation
and the same pattern we use in                            decision-making

Do read the original post.
 Good example that what may seem eisegesis or misusing the text may well be merely midrash or another valid  (yes, always risky) interpretation indeed (Ask the rabbi).

Good reminder that when teaching on/from the two books in which a certain interpretation is often the litmus test of orthodoxy..

                               ..that is, the first and last books of the Bible..

one can draw profound and valid teaching, which need not enter the culture wars or inerrancy wars.

For example, just because  Barrett's prof " wasn’t arguing for a six, twenty-four hour day Creation story,"
doesn't mean he doesn't belief the text is also about creation; maybe even that  "six, twenty-four hour day" version.

If you are not afraid of someone who is already the poster child for heresy in some circles..

Rob Bell (who believes in hell, btw) 's teachings on Genesis  (uh oh) and Revelation  (gasp) may help.

Note that in the Genesis video, he talks on Genesis 1-2 for over an hour and never deals with creation vs. evolution, or the literal days it took (!)

Note that in the Revelation video, he talks on the book everyone has heard is "about" the end times, and never

mentions the end times in the whole hour (!).

It's important when responding to teachings like this to say, "Don't hear what they're NOT saying."
Just because the teacher calls Genesis a "poem," doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't think it is somehow also history.
Just because the teacher talks on Revelation as dealing with the past and present doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't think it is also somehow(somewhen) to do with the future.

And even if he DOES,
see what you can learn from the teacher about the text,
 temporarily becoming

  •  a conscientious objector in the culture wars,
  • and holding out from the heresy hunt for a season...and reason.
Even if...especially if... you think the teacher is off in some areas (I do),
be open to where they may be on..

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