Monday, June 02, 2014

on getting "stabbed at the Fresno County Fair.." and getting starstruck at the Wild Blue urinal

In the liner notes of the 77s box set ("1-2-3"), a great critic (who was it? I forgot) quoted Keith Richards line; something like "People are always saying The Rolling Stones are the best band in the world..  But I say, on any given night, any band in the world can be the best band in the world."   The critic then (correctly) quipped something like,

"On most nights, the 77s were that band."


As anybody in the know knows..
         seeing the 77s in the 80s classic line-up was unforgettable.

The Wild Blue in Fresno  is (was)  the only club the 77s loved so much they had to name a song after it.

Having seen the 77s at the Wild Blue (Heck, just hearing them
run through the riff for "What Was in That Letter" during soundcheck was chilling)  a show that went on for hours...(and is still going on in my mind)...
I was thrilled to find that a couple years ago they released some vintage songs from one of the  vintage  Wild Blue gigs..may have even been the 1987 one I was at..

Note how below in "You Don't Scare Me," Mike even localizes the lyric;  tweaking it to. "or get stabbed at the Fresno County Fair" (That man had done some spiritual mapping)!  It's track 24 in the embed.  Or click this to activate the time machine, and play/buy it on Bandcamp:

I was so in awe at this gig, that when I found myself in the men's room at the  intremission (yes, the band jammed forever, and took a break, and jammed forever again!) with band member Mark Tootle  standing at the next urinal, I could only say "hi."
(wasn't the best time to ask for an autograph,

Belated thanks guys for this night!

If I'm walking in the dark
You don't scare me
Killer chasing me through the park
You don't scare me
I could ride on a plane
Losing all its engines
Heading straight down the drain
I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
Cuase I know, no you don't
You don't scare me

Go for a drive and hit a rock
You don't scare me
Lightning bolt give me a lethal shock
You don't scare me
I could fall down the stairs
Or get stabbed at the  {Fresno County}fair
I won't fear, I won't fear
I won't fear, I won't fear
CauseI know, that you don't
You don't scare

Why should I go the wrong way
Down a one way street
Against the Heat
When in one moment you could
Turn my up-to-date to obsolete
And your indiscreet
And you don't repeat
And you're beat beat beat
You're so beat

Yea though I walk
Through the valley
Of your shadow so near
I will fear no man
I will fear no woman
I will fear no pain
I will fear no thing
Cause you don't
No you don't scare me

I'm gonna show you a mystery
You'll be swallowed in victory
Where's your stinger
Where's your sting?

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