Sunday, July 12, 2015

NT Wright at Google: "Simply Good News"

Love that he was invited, and love his approach


  1. Very cool that he was invited. N.T. Wright gets talked about a lot at DTS. What are your thoughts on his work?

    1. Hey!
      1)I like him a lot
      2)Here's a critique i have of him
      3)Even though I posted #2, I don't see him as arrogant, but humble and funny and genuine . See these links
      4)I'm guessing I'm quite more convinced by the "New Perspective" than DTS profs

      "If Wright is correct, Martin Luther is wrong."-Alister McGrath -

    2. Cool, thanks for sharing. Here's a post I recently written sharing a DTS professor, NT Wright, and my perspective on Galatians 3,


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