Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Johnny Cash...and an unknown friend who stole his bird


it's not unusual  to find used CDs for a quarter (get to Rasputin's now),  50 cents,  or a dollar nowadays.

So, I was not surprised to find this Johnny Cash CD at the Goodwill store for a few coins.

But I WAS surprised when I opened it up and saw this "half the peace sign" salute on the disc..

Of course, I immediately thought of the  iconic Johnny Cash photo of him giving the same salute
(story here) and thought "Well, that doesn't look like its from the same photo, but I get it."
Then I saw the original famous pic in the CD tray.

By the way, there was no identification of the CD name, or artist name on the disc.
That was not too surprising, but it did give me pause.

I added it to my stash of books and CDs, and headed for checkout.
I was aware that the cashier would sometimes  open the Cds to verify that the case actually held a CD, and the correct CD.  I chuckled in my mind about what a great conversation starter this would be.

But the cashier didn't double check; which I figured was okay, as I had,

I was wrong.

I stuck the CD in the player, and...by the electronic rap vibe, and throwaway profanity... I immediately knew it was not Johnny Cash.

And definitely not my style..

Anyone want to buy...at half price..a CD, whose middle-finger photo is just not as Christian and prophetic as Johnny's original...? (:

To borrow from another singer and song, "I won't get fooled again."
And to borrow another, "I got the wrong George, I guess.."

PS: In related news, this headline:
 " pastor plants a church by flipping a double bird (at Jesus' leading)" 
See also:

 Johnny Cash officiating communion for Rick Rubin

the preacher didn't convince me, but Johnny Cash tried -

"He preaches WITH, not TO the damned...and he actually prefers their company"

COFFEE, NOT JESUS/"Sure miss the drugs."

Is there such a thing as Christian music?"


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  1. Turns out it's Kid Rock.."American Badass"


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